Old City Marina in Tallinn
is a new modern marina for recreational vessels in the very heart of Tallinn, Esotnia. The marina is located in the city centre, next to Tallinn`s medieval old town, within walking distance from everything a seaborne traveller might need.
  • Coordinates: 59°26,32ˈN 24°45,32ˈE
  • 122 mooring spaces at the floating berth
  • floating berth height from water level: 0,6 meters (~2ft)
  • Vessel physical dimension limitations at the floating berths:
    • L max 18m (~60ft), T 4,0m (~13ft)
  • Vessel physical dimension limitations at the Harbour Quays no 18-23:
    • L max 50m (164ft), T 4,3m (~14ft)
  • Navigational season commences on April 1st until November 30th. The dates are subject to change depending on prevailing ice and weather conditions
Old City Marina website
Old City Harbour website

Pirita Harbour in Tallinn
The Estonian Yachting Union is located in the territory of Pirita Harbour which is supervising organisation of the Estonian yacht clubs; Association Keep the Estonian Sea Tidy and the Estonian Sea Tourism Association, which organises training courses for skippers of small vessels. Also The Tallinn Yacht Club.
  • Coordinates: 59° 28,2' N 24° 49,2' E
  • Area: 2,8 ha
  • Draft: 2,8 m
  • Length of quays: 1452 m
  • Quay spots: 250
  • Shipway: 8000 m2
  • Slipways: up to 2000 m2
Saaremaa Harbour
is located on the north-western coast of the biggest island in Estonia - Saaremaa. The harbour has 2 quays available for cruise vessels and super yachts, accompanied by a quay for auxiliary vessels and a floating betrh for small crafts.
The new harbour with the depth alongside the quay of 10 meters is capable of servicing ships with the length of up to 200m. The natural depth of the harbour location is sufficent for receiving the biggest cruise ships sailing in the Baltic Sea.
  • Coordinates: 58°32,4ˈN 22°14,4ˈE
  • 2 cruise quays: max depth 10m
  • Marina: 30 berthing places, depth up to 6m