The Island of Saaremaa
Tallinn - Muhu - Kuressaare - Viidumäe - Angla - Kaali - Tallinn

Day 1
Arrival in Tallinn and meet your tour guide at the airport.
Departure by coach from Tallinn to Virtsu Habour (180 km) and then by ferry to the island of Muhu (30 min.). The first tour goes to the fishing village of Koguva. This village has kept its traditional sights dating from the 16 th century: wooden houses with roofs of reed and stone walls supporting age-old boats. The route to the main island, Saaremaa, then proceeds over a 3,6 km long dam before arrival in Kuressaare, which is famous as a Spa-resort from 19th century times.
Check in for two nights and dinner at the seaside hotel. Evening free for leisure.

Day 2
After breakfast a full day tour of the Island of Saaremaa, inclusive of lunch.
In Kuressaare the tour includes several dwelling-houses in the Classic style, the Town Hall and the Old Weight House (both dating from the 17 th century). There is also a one hour visit to the very well preserved Bishop Castle (dating from the 13th century) - Kuressaare Linnus. This castle has certain unique features in the Baltic countries.
Saaremaa has very rich flora and fauna, with over two hundred local species having received special protection status. Each year hundreds of thousands of migratory birds visit Saaremaa and a great number of them are also under protection. We also visit Viidumäe Nature Reserve and take a look at the famous meteorite crater at Kaali, which is the biggest in Europe.

Day 3
Morning is free for leisure.
Leave Saaremaa by coach for Tallinn. Afternoon departure flight from Tallinn Airport (or optional City break in Tallinn for two further nights).

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